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Young men at war

26th September 2003, lunch time | Comments (0)

1st Force Reconnaissance Team Hunt Club - photo by George T. Curtis

The following is an except from Young Men at War: A Case by Case Study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Patricia Barber, Ph.D. M.F.C.C. Duke University Press, 1986:

We did eight hundred push-ups every goddamned day, some days over two hundred chins, and they ran us. Christ, we ran ten miles every morning and another five at night, and sometimes even more than that. We weren’t big guys, like badass football linemen or any of that, you know, Rambo with all those pansy protein-shake muscles bulging. We were skinny kids, mostly, all stripped down and hungry, but hell, we could carry hundred-pound packs, four hundred rounds, and a poodle-popper uphill at a run all goddamned day.

You know what we were? We were wolves. Lean and mean, and you definitely did not want us on your ass. We were fuckin’ dangerous, man. That’s what they wanted. Recon. That’s what we wanted, too.

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