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Happy birthday

20th September 2003, lunch time | Comments (1)

Alastair diving into a swimming pool

I am not easily scared by the advance of time. I don’t spend my days huddled in dark corners thinking Good God, I’m 27, I should have a house, car, wife and baby by now! — these things will happen with time, and I may be better off for the wait.

In fact, everything in my life seems to have worked out for the best with little effort on my part. I’ve said this from an early age; I certainly am a lucky boy.

However, there are certain things that will, well, not exactly shake one’s confidence in the “everything will turn out alright” philosophy, but rather make you wish the damn thing would hurry up and kick in with some big results. One of these events is your brother turning 30 (and, incidentally, having a house, car, wife and baby).

Today is such a day.

Happy birthday, Al.

Damn you, you old bugger.