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All of these images have been hand-drawn by me, though most are not original work.
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Click on each picture to see the appropriate set of images.


simpsons - the Simpsons are great to copy; as cartoons they're line drawings anyway homer
tigger winnie the pooh - a couple of drawings I did for use as colouring-in templates in a school
ren & stimpy - again these guys are great to draw because they're cartoons. I love 'em. Stimpy you eediot! ren and stimpy
hippo cartoons - some of the other cartoon characters I've drawn
logos - this is how I started off doing graphics, redrawing logos then altering them cream
brick 3d - some of my attempts at 3d work. Just getting the hang of this area
work - some of the images I've produced for myself and other people shoe


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