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jigsaw jigsaw - an attempt to produce a jigsaw logo for a company. It was meant to highlight that the company was made-up of many small pieces...hmmmm
tft - this was used in Acorn User magazine to show how tft flat-screens work tft screen
leg leg - one of hundreds of graphics I produced to enhance my own work at university
map - this was to be one of many maps for a book on european wine. This was a first attempt at texturing a map to hint at hills map
bones bones - one of a set of images I produced for a sports injuries book. They also include the picture of the shoe which you might have clicked on to get to this page
mr iron - a character I made for an ironing business, tacky, eh? mr iron
crt monitor crt monitor - again this was used in Acorn User, this time to illustrate how crt monitors work
leg2 - this was to be one of many images commisioned for a biomechanics computer program leg2
soulmate bears logo bears - this was a logo I created for Soulmate Bears when I produced their web site
jelly beans - I was mucking about with the Photodesk plug-ins, and managed to make this jellybeans


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