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austin powers logo austin - smashing baby, yeah! I love all this stuff (you'd have seen the logo on the main page). Love it, love it, love it....and I'm spent
camel - I think the change I've made to the logo gives it something just that little bit extra camel logo
canterbury logo canterbury - at uni this was the stuff we always wanted, but could rarely afford. Nice kit and nice logo
cream 1 - I like their logo, the way the three shapes join together cream logo 1
cream logo 2 cream 2 - my first go at 3d work, except I didn't have a 3d package. The picture on the previous page shows how this was made
cream 3 - one of the designs I did based around the Cream logo. This is a negative of some jelly beans...yum yum cream logo 3
cream logo 4 cream 4 - I can't remember if I made this idea up, or if they did. I never finished it anyway
evian - I like this logo as well...few parts, nice image evian logo
hooch logo hooch - I did this when the drink first came out, my brother did an altered version, but I can't find it
johnsons - this was one of those t-shirts you could buy in the back of magazines johnsons logo
ministry logo ministry - a bit garish, but it's quite an old picture
puma - again just copied from a magazine puma logo
salford reds logo reds - my friend Paul's a big fan of Salford Reds rugby league team. I did this when I made him a Reds t-shirt
smelly fartois - this is what my friend Polly and I always used to call Stella Artois smelly fartois logo
superman logo superman - if you've never heard of him, he's this...oh what am I saying ...Superman... woosh, kapow... an' all that


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