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a sort of pool pool - this was produced in TopModel then exported as a drawfile and dropped into Vantage, where the transparancy and the blue rectangle were added - just mucking about really, nothing special
RISC OS 4 - one frame from an
animated RISC OS 4 logo
risc os 4 logo
pencil pencil - a nice simple object to try to make in TopModel
lego - some lego blocks with
a wood texture
bike bike - this was my first effort at a real object, not perfect but it's alright
RISC OS 4 (number 2) - this is the same logo as above, but exported as a drawfile, dropped into Vantage, and all set to blue and 80 percent transparent os4 logo number 2
curb curb - I was practicing texture mapping and extrusion, and came up with this bit of concrete


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