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After graduating in 1998, I joined Tau Press as Editor of Acorn User, the second longest running computer magazine in Britain and the worlds largest RISC OS publication. I am now seeking a position which demands creativity, organisation and ambition. With a strong scientific background I am able to work in a logical, methodical manner, or if needs be, introduce flair and lateral thought into a project. Jobs in management, marketing, I.T., design or the magazine industry are of special interest.



 Good verbal and written communication skills

 Good inter-personal and teamwork skills

 Experienced design skills

 Extremely competent grasp of new technology

 Good organisational skills and ability to think laterally

 Highly self motivated

 Conversational French and Italian language skills



 Excellent computers skills/literacy

 6 years Internet experience

 HTML programming experience (see this site, or my Soulmate Bears site)

 Specialise in DTP and Graphic Design



Graphic design has been a passion of mine for years, I have only been able to use these skills commercially in the last three years. The potential commercial value of this work is enormous and I am typically able to save clients 80% of their costs and produce work up to 90% quicker than their usual designers.

As an avid practitioner of sports, I represented my University at seven different events and represented Scottish Student Exiles at Rugby League.


Name: Dunstan Orchard
Address: [REDACTED]
Telephone: [REDACTED] (permenant contact)
[REDACTED] (current number)
Date of Birth: 03.08.76
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single
Full clean driving licence



Jan 1999 - present Director of Publishing Services
Tau Press, Macclesfield.

Responsible for:

Editorial duties of Acorn User Magazine, Sub-Editorial duties of Visions Magazine and advert setting duties of Acorn User & Visions. Reporting to Managing Director.

 Editor (Acorn User Magazine)

Organise and undertake planning and editorial production of a 74/84 page RISC computer magazine, 13 times a year. Planning of content, commission of articles, liaison with associated community, daily communication and consultation with leading hardware, software and OS developers. Organising and attending exhibitions to promote company. Close monitoring of Internet News Groups, maintaining personal contact with a large cross section of the community. All essential in judging future content of magazine.

 Sub-Editorial Duties (Visions Magazine)

Editing of copy for house style, grammar, factual accuracy and design. <>  Advert Setting Duties (Acorn User & Visions)

Ensuring at all times market is aware of deadlines and technical specifications for placing adverts. Corresponding and liaising with all clients to ensure final advertising copy is in to meet deadlines. Dealing with adverts which do not meet technical specifications and forwarding all copy to film. Contacting all clients who submitted poor or incorrect copy and liaise to provide revised versions.

Sept 98 - Sept 99 Freelance Graphic Designer
Professor Roger Bartlett. Director, Sport Science Research Institute, Sheffield.

Responsible for:

Produced graphics, both object-based and digital images, for a Biomechanical Injuries text book (Sports Biomechanics - Reducing Injury and Improving Performance. ISBN 0419 24810 2) - 66 images in total.

Summer 1997 Graphic Designer
M.A.I.D. plc, Leicester Square, London - now the Dialog Corporation, the world's largest online information Company.

Responsible for:

Designing and producing graphical layout for an IE4 project.

1997 - 1998 Alsager Site Officer - Voluntary
Manchester Metropolitan Student Union

Responsible for:

Assisted in day to day running of Crewe & Alsager Student Union. Organisation of tri-annual balls and sitting on Student Council.



1994 - 1998 Manchester Metropolitan University

1992 - 1994 The Gryphon School, Dorset

1987 - 1992 Foster's Grammar School, Dorset



1996 - 1998 BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

1994 - 1996 HND Sport & Exercise Science (7 Distinctions)

1992 - 1994 3 A Levels, 1 AS Level

1987 - 1992 8 GCSEs (C and above)




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