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September 2004
Shooting things

Great to hear that things went well for you at the gun range.
Trying something new and having it work out is the best. I myself like to shoot at targets. I find that focusing on aiming, the…

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July 2004
Redesign explained: time presentation

Brilliant. Just brilliant. And you're sharing, which just makes it doublely brilliant.

Thanks Dunstan.

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Version 2

Dunstan, wonderful job. I love the book feel, and all the little extras are just perfect. It's a joy to browse this site, and just glory in the polished effort you put forth.


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April 2004
Old before its time

Solid choice, and at least you can console yourself on the discount. I'm guessing you went with the developer program or student discount there. I've used that one myself :) UK duty could be a bit…

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Cheep cheep, baaaa

Re. Sheep Graffiti: Up here in the North, we have a real problem with "The Pies, The Pies" being scrawled across them.

Some lovely shots there, Dunstan.

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Some photos of home

Hey Dunstan. Would you recommend the Gymnic Ball seat? I've gone through quite a few different chairs in an attempt to get a better posture at the computer (including the pray type), but haven't…

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February 2004
Poppies everywhere


Did I read somewhere that you're thinking of *moving* to San Francisco? Is this true? Just think of all the new images you'll have to create for your panoramic!

I'm only an hour and…

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