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July 2004
Barbequing with the rich and famous

Well, THAT is going to make it harder for me to set you up with people, now isn't it?

Gah, some people are so SELFISH when mating. "I know this adorable eligible bachelor living in the cutest…

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November 2003
Down from the hills

But can a pub *have* a veranda? Not that it cannot, architecturally speaking, but I just never hear that word used in the UK. In the US, a veranda is a porch located south of the Mason-Dixon line,…

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October 2003
A higher frequency of excitement please

Ahhhh. Dunstan. Welcome to the world of bloggers and journallers.

Hint: Those of us with extraodinarily boring lives tend to write about what we think, rather than what we do. Our readers then…

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