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August 2004
28 years ago today

Happy birthday Dunstan!

Is it just me, or does the paper clipping read 'Dunston'?

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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations

Dunstan, there's a little display bug in your example code converted to OL's, at least in Mozilla 1.5: every line is numbered "0."

I'm sure you want a screenshot. Here…

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April 2004
Photo manipulation

I kind of feel uncomfortable with manipulating at *this* level. I don't know why, but well. If personal pictures lie as much as either advertising or propaganda pictures, that's a long shot for me…

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March 2004
When I was…

He he he.
Thanks Dunstan. Jolly good entry. ;)

That's funny because not more than a week has passed since a new co-worker said "you sound like you've lived several lives in one…

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February 2004
Missing socks

Ah... As the saying goes, life socks.

OK, bad-pun-of-the-day award.

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Pickled Peppers

Particularly poignant piece of poetry. :)

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Poppies everywhere

Didn't guess at all that the photo could be enlarged.

Of course as a silly web dev I always move the mouse around like mad looking for design tricks :)

Anyway, to conclude: it isn't easily…

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Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP


Not willing to point out that I *did* suggest it earlier on, but here's my 01/12 post to evolt's thelist telling you to do just that. Sheesh, why did I ever bother to write it?…

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January 2004
On a walk with the dog

You've got impossibly beautiful sceneries around your place. And you've got the eye to take photos too. Congratulations. I love the pics, thanks for sharing.

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December 2003
Be nice to sheep

You *are* nuts.

But I love that kind of craziness. That's inventive. I'm always looking for fun things, just to show people that the web is not only zero's and one's, but it's mostly people and…

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