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October 2004
Sweeping the infield

You seem to spend a lot of time in that stadium :)

Beautiful shot, though, Dunstan.

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Shoes on a wire

I live near a "not-so-good" neighborhood, and this is also a common sight here.

I think the reason this photo is so good is the actual signifigance o the subject matter, not the exposure, or…

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A Gypsy blessing

My grandmother is German is always raving about the Gypsys.

I went on a tour of Rome and the tour guide warned me about the gypies

They seem like nice people, despite my upbringing

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September 2004

At first glance, this brings back memories (not memories; I'm 13), well whatever, about the civil rights movement.

Its good that the subjects seem to be having a good time, otherwise you,…

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August 2004
Bowling over 200

Why does Dunstan always conceal the name of "The Girlfriend" anyway?

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