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February 2004
Re-designing comment forms

I've seen a couple of sites that have put the comment text area first. I usually set cookies so I don't ever even look at the name/email fields.

I experimented with putting the form on top and…

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Anna Riley, wish number one

ok. gonna go with my child advocate instincts...end child abuse.

and as a bonus for being so freaking nice... salma hayek please.


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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

First, I like both the long and short. You carry them both well.

Second, I'm apparently one of those rare girls that cuts her own hair. Or did anyway when it was much longer. I've got crazy…

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I love the movie. After seeing it I went through a period where I so badly wanted to take up swing dancing. Unfortunately, VA isn't and wasn't the sort of place where you could find a place to do…

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December 2003
King Blog

I think it sort of depends on the vent of the blog writing and the audience. I've read some pretty critical comments about a blog's design, but it's always been on blogs that tend towards the…

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