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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations

Wow! What separates you from most others is your attention to detail. Its amazing how much effort you put in your blog. No wonder the weekly average of your push-ups has gone down. :)

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Version 2

Whoa! Lost for words.
No wonder your girlfriend thinks that you do "The Blog" for living. The most amazing thing of the redesign: all this work and IE doesn't break it. Wow!

[BTW, the naked…

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Laptops as social aids

Last time I had slight pain in my lower back, the doctor advised me to stop using the laptop on my lap-top :-) My posture used to be really bad when I worked with the laptop on my lap.

A friend…

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June 2004
Saucer of milk for table three

"gay/gay-friendly people DO migrate there. :)"
And not to mention gaynips too :-)

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

This is what makes your blog worth visiting. I was getting impatient 'coz you didn't post for a while.

Incidents like these happen with all of us all the time. More observant like Dunstan have…

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Retro: Very arranged marriages

We are not talking about God and religion here, are we? There is nothing in Hinduism that states the marriages have to be arranged or forced. Its a cultural and social thing. Hinduism is more of a…

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And my personal take on this matter is that marriage is not about compatibility, but about being able to live with the incompatibilities. No matter how long you know a person, there are bound to be…

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I am 25. Here is my opinion, largely true, but a personal opinion nonetheless.

Well, ours is a more "conservative" society. Its not like people don't date, but as a percentage, its much less. We…

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A lot of my friends are finding their partners at such matrimonial sites. Its not quite the same as dating sites, as one is looking for commitment rather than having just a good time. Its a nice…

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