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March 2005
Bowling over 200

Very good job Dunstan! A 202 is excellent - especially after only bowling a few games in your life. It took me over 12 years to get my first 200. If you like the game, you should stick with it. …

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November 2004
Berkeley versus Arizona

Every time I check out your weblog, you're always taking pics of guys' asses ;)


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September 2004
Shoes on a wire

The shoes over the electrical/telephone wire thing is a very common drug dealer's mark in the US, has been for many years. You'll see it everywhere, from large cities (New York, Chicago, LA,…

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June 2004
At Safeway deli counter

fwiw, sounds a lot like "a little bit", story of my life anyway, moving from 95% native iowa to silicon valley, you gain a new appreciation for clear annunciation

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Saucer of milk for table three

that's like my life story

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Haha, I love it! Why is it that every time I overhear some openly gay guys talking, the conversation always sounds like that? No flames!!! I'm just jokin' around!!!! :)

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A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

Yea, down here in socal we call that a 'dickout'. Usually reserved as punishment for failure to drive your golf ball past the ladies tees, I fail to see how it applys here. Gotta love nocal. …

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May 2004
Distressed gentlefolk of Dorset

I used to remember the advertisements for the Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association--clearly not a charity for the riff raff. Even in poverty and old age class distinctions matter. Vicarage Gate,…

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My favorite sound is when my golf ball hits the bottom of the flag stick and jiggles around the cup, then drops down into the hole.

My least favorite sound is the ring my cellphone was…

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Being single

Wow man, that post was the coolest shit I've read in any blog in a really freakin' long time! Your situation is analogous to my current situation, and reading this really put a smile on my face…

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April 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

And here I am ax murder in the making
working at a Denny's.

We don't have the riff-raff
at Denny's usually they patronize
small independent establishments.

It's hard for the non-high…

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January 2004
Aaargh! My eyes!

"Dunstan! Dunstan! We love you,--" mmm, perhaps not... site rocks though, can't argue with that!

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