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May 2005
At Safeway deli counter, part two

i work at safeway and it is a load of bunk that we have secret shoppers, but the big wigs are so out to lunch that secret shoppers are the only clue they have as to how the service is doing. if…

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September 2004
A good clean fight

Hehehe, the funny anecdotes always bring a smile to my face. Thank you Dunstan.
This is exactly the reason why i come here, well that and the nice pictures and the classes on php and css.


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June 2004
Saucer of milk for table three

"plz stop eavesdropping on my private conversations mr Dunstan!"

No really, god that was funny.
Thanks for the smile on my face :)

Btw it seems to me you're not just attracting unusually…

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May 2004
A visual guide to navigating blog comments

Excellent improvement. Thumbs up.

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April 2004
The world’s largest unexploded bomb

Now i must say i was a bit shocked to read the "Luckily its in Belgium" part, dunstan.
Being a belgian, i do not find myself so lucky. For i do like my country - the +20,000 lb mines mind you.…

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March 2004
When I was…

twenty-four was a dull year ? Am i the only one who cares what happened then? But besides that, a very nice read indeed.

Thank you for putting -once again- a smile on my face :)

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January 2004
Caterpillar, clitoris, butterfly

I really enjoyed your photos. thanks for sharing. Good Job

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