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Putting your underwear on backwards: the Results

18th March 2004, early evening | Comments (30)

Well well, the big day is here, and I’m sure you’re all pretty excited about what I have to say, so I shall get down to the results as quickly as possible.

I must say that as a scientist, it pains me to leave out an in-depth description of my methodology, but time is precious and already I can hear you screaming For God’s sake, the Results, man!! The Results!!, so without further ado… behold the wonder of scientific discovery…

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Server swap

18th March 2004, early afternoon | Comments (10)

Well, after months of fannying about, I’ve finally moved over to a new server. The swap threw up all kinds of new problems, and failed to solve some of the older ones I’d been blaming on an overworked SQL database, so it seems some code-delving is required.

In the meantime, if you try to view something and you’re told it doesn’t exist, please hit the reload button. Hopefully the system will sort itself out and deliver unto you the Gift of Content.