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Working in America

25th February 2004, evening time | Comments (25)

Let’s say you know a British web developer/photographer. He’s self-employed, has clients in the UK and clients in the States. He’d like to go and spend some time in America.

Ideally he’d like to stay there a year, working for the same clients, photographing the country, generally doing his thing, but doing it there, instead of here.

Because of the complex and inaccessible US visa system, he can’t figure out if he has any chance of getting a visa to live in America as a self-employed person, or if he has to quietly visit under a holiday visa and leave the country every three months.

If such a person existed, would anyone be able to offer him solid, reliable advice on the visa situation?

Missing socks

25th February 2004, the wee hours | Comments (16)

For no good reason, this poem about socks popped into my head this evening…

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