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Woof woof

6th October 2003, lunch time | Comments (2)

Woman looking lovingly at man, who's looking lovingly at an alsation dog
Michelle loved Graham, but always felt his heart belonged to another

The obvious question here is of course: “Why on earth was this photo taken in the first place?”

Who was the client? What kind of brief did they give?

OK, so we want to show a beautiful, tender moment between a couple. Let’s say they’re engaged. She’s your typical American girl; heiress to the Chumley Chum Dog Food fortune, socialite, and renowned tennis player.

He likes sleeping with Alsatians.

Go to work guys.


Frickin’ mouth ulcers

6th October 2003, lunch time | Comments (21)

Upset girl and her stuffed toys

I’m pretty hacked off — I’ve got mouth ulcers.

Yes, I know we all get mouth ulcers, I expect you’ve had them, but I get mouth ulcers.

Sometimes I can’t talk for a couple of days, sometimes I can’t clean my teeth without spitting blood for 5 minutes. My mouth hurts all the time, I can’t eat certain foods and I look like I’ve been given a fat lip.

I’ve currently got eight of the damn things. They can be up to the size of my little-finger nail and last for 2 months at a time.

Do you get all that?


Well don’t go wasting one of your Genie-in-a-lamp wishes on it, it’s a lousy thing to have. Sure, it’s not life-threatening, but it’s enough to make a person feel pretty miserable.

So, that’s why I’m hacked off.

Bloody things.