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Multi-functional, all-in-one everything

4th October 2003, lunch time | Comments (2)

There are too many things in my life.

Not people and jobs and decisions, but actual things — books, diaries, shoes, clothes, newspapers, pens, computer stuff.

It’s everywhere.

I started off working in this room with only a laptop, nothing else. Now I have…

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Celebrity, rugby, Spain and Russia

4th October 2003, lunch time | Comments (0)

A few thoughts for the day:

  1. Why, when celebrities are rushed to hospital for drug overdoses, aren’t they arrested for possessing and using illegal substances? Isn’t there a law against that? Courtney Love just spent the night a la hopital and I bet the police don’t do anything about it. Seems odd to me.
  2. Only six days until the Rugby World Cup kicks off. 48 matches. Ha ha! And it looks like I’ll get to see almost all of them on regular TV.
  3. Isn't the World an odd place? News from the Daily Telegraph

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