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Pixar vs Claymation

11th October 2003, lunch time | Comments (0)

King Kong's body with a woman's head stuck on top

In 1993, after much prodding from the family, my Grandma and Grandad broke their number one life rule (If naked people aren’t involved, it’s not worth watching) and went to see Jurassic Park at Yeovil cinema.

We’d seen it the week before and had raved about it. My friends had seen it and thought it was incredible.

So, bearing this in mind, and hoping against hope for a hereforto unmentioned sub-plot involving gratuitous nudity, my Grandparents settled into the back row to watch the film…

The next day:
Grandma, it’s Dunstan, what did you think of Jurassic Park? Amazing, eh?
*laugh* Oh, what a lot of rubbish, just a bunch of plasticine models jerking around. We walked out halfway through and asked for our money back.

Plasticine models? I mean… what?

The flip-side of this odd behaviour is that if I show them a picture of, say, King Kong’s body, with my Grandma’s head roughly stuck on the top, they stare in open-mouthed amazement. They say Ooh, isn’t it amazing what computers can do Marna, and It’s so realistic, Len, I almost feel like I remember climbing up the Empire State Building with a tiny woman in my hand and fighting off biplanes.

Their Marvelling Equipment seems to be out of whack.

The reason I bring all this up is that Mum and I watched Finding Nemo last night, and we were giggling at what G&G would think of it. To us, it was beautifully presented, had a lovely story, wonderful characters, and a very funny script. To them? Oh, just bits of Playdo in a fish tank, isn’t that right Len? *sniff* Not much nudity in there either…

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