Leonard Orchard

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  1. Rudy Limeback

    13th January 2004 | Comments (14)

    …queries, to get this SQL statement to work. Grandma Hmm, have you tried limiting your query loops to a set depth? That’s what your Grandad and I always do. Or a four-way left outer self join might do it, to show the current level, plus 3 levels of the tree? Dunstan Well…

  2. Who and where

    17th December 2003 | Comments (7)

    …using the ‘Meta searches’ menu options. For some examples of the people thing at its best, see searches on my Mum, my Grandad, and The Big Man. I’ll try and produce a full write up on this at a later date. In the meantime, any comments or suggestions…

  3. Home doctor

    26th October 2003 | Comments (2)

    He has a sore back. She rubs some liniment into it. He says, I can’t smell anything, are you sure it’s the right stuff? She…

  4. Pixar vs Claymation

    11th October 2003 | Comments (0)

    In 1993, after much prodding from the family, my Grandma and Grandad broke their number one life rule (If naked people aren’t involved, it’s not worth watching) and went to see Jurassic Park at…