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October 2004
Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

How can we do this to our children?

When we're old, these will be the people that take care of us, assuming that they survive to maturity.

It's not 'them' that make poisons and call it food,…

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August 2004
Rubber ducks

I like Ignite for jpg optimisation - your mileage may vary.

great pics btw Dunstan!

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June 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

Hey Dunstan,

You must be having a great time - no posts in 10 days...

Where you at?

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April 2004
The world’s largest unexploded bomb

"Luckily it’s in France…"

is what JMF is referring to I guess!

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March 2004
Flexible floats

Oh, maybe I didn't understand - is that how you fixed it for Opera?

sorry... confused today - must be Friday

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Bad news I'm afraid.

In Opera 7.5 (preview3) I just get the thin view - text expanded - no matter what width my window.

Doesn't double up, sorry.


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February 2004
Missing socks

Did you write that? or remember it from somewhere?

I ask, because I had a poem delivered in my sleep once. It was an urgent dream that insisted I write it down, so I woke up, wrote it down and…

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December 2003
Be nice to sheep

Did you try ignite for your png compression?

it'll take a native psd file and give you a lot of fine control over the outputs. (I'd even bet on you getting smaller jpg's too) for gif images…

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November 2003
Shhh, it’s a secret

(actually hugobia doesn't have a 404 secret garden, just an ordinary secret garden)

I like the 404 idea though, perhaps that's where the newby FAQ should live ;o)

or maybe links to other 404…

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Been there done that:

hint: find and click images with doors.

Also find the about Peter page and see him wink...

Have fun


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Neutralising spam

Why turn them into links at all?

It's a short step for someone reading a post to highlight, copy and paste a plain text url into their browser address bar. In fact Opera has a go to url "right…

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Easy CSS drop shadows

Nice effect, thought you'd like to know that Opera7.22 doesn't quite get it, preferring to leave off the bottom of the shadow for some reason.

Doncha just love the way different browsers do…

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Opera and its Small-Screen Rendering technology

It's a neat feature, and I'm very pleased that my pet site: works in "handheld" view.


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