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February 2004
Anna Riley, wish number one

Oooh yes. Angelina Jolie would do *very* nicely!

But really my first wish would be to have the ability persuade anyone of anything I wanted them to believe.

Then I could persuade Angelina…

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December 2003
King Blog

Some people don't create blogs entirely for other people to read. Some people are just expressing themselves in the same way they would with a private journal, but know that it's a bit different…

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November 2003
Googley woogley

Well Dunstan, my boy, you have inspired me to do my own post about searches in my logs. It's at…
in case anyone is curious. I love finding the strange…

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Neutralising spam

Well if comment spammers are anything like guestbook spammers it won't matter if the link is only in plain text. I took out all links/HTML etc from a client's guestbook and the spammers didn't…

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