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October 2004
Die photos, die!

Cute dog! You see, I email pictures of cute dogs and suchlike to my girlfriend. Ironic.

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Photoblog navigation woes


I'd quite like the clickable areas to be bigger, but I guess that's partially an aesthetic choice - which I think is relevant in photo sites, particularly.


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Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

Yeah yeah yeah: let's all point and laugh at the fat kid. Watch out people: one day you might be a fat kid, too.

Er, somehow. Through really good anti-aging creams or something. I dunno.

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August 2004
Facts from Oliver Letwin

"A criminal’s arrest takes, on average, three and a half hours to process."

Someone's a criminal once they've been convicted of a crime. This is unlikely to happen before they're arrested. So…

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