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February 2005
A short film of the puppies in the garden

That was well worth the download :)

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I am a kitten

I know exactly what you mean. One thing I've found helps is taking a good look at that one task and trying to break off just the very first step (in GTD terms, find the "next action") - make it…

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November 2004
A new job

Congratulations! That's fantastic news. Is the visa all sorted out now?

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Audio tape to MP3

I'm afraid I can't help you on an audio recorder that stops recording once it gets to a silent bit, but for cutting audio up in to different chunks you could try QuickTime Pro - just hit the…

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Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

Jeff: how are IE users going to know that the site "doesn't look as good" in their browser? If all that's missing is a curved edge effect on a box they'll be completely unaware that they are…

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July 2004
Redesign explained: time presentation

Dunstan: any idea why your comments above are displayed with incorrect list numbers next to them? Is that deliberate?

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June 2004
Transfer tickets

ROFL! Sounds like you just missed a chance to be included in the global transfer ticket conspiracy.

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Busy having fun

Glad to hear it's not just the guys who have been finding you attractive ;) Sounds like you're having a great time out there - I'm thoroughly looking forward to crashing your party in a few weeks :)

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April 2004
Photo manipulation

Wow! This is a real eye-opener for me, especially the one of the bird where you cloned the wing-tip and used it to replace the part that was cropped out of the shot.

I naturally shy away from…

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January 2004
A few problems with

I absolutely love, but you make some good suggestions for small improvements. I have one more: the icons for subscribing and blocking a blog are small, almost identical and right next to…

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December 2003
Be nice to sheep

One potential problem with this technique is that browsers (IE in particular) tend to hang on to CSS files like a limpet, caching them no matter what you tell the browser to do. You may find that…

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November 2003
Site updates

I've just gotta try out your comment notification thing - that's really clever. Of course I have to wait until someone else replies to this and ticks my box now...

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