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July 2004
Version 2

setting the standard for excellence is one thing Mr Orchard, but raising the bar is just plain silly...

will you let the rest of us dweebs catch-up!?

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February 2004
Grrr, hear me roar

You have no shame.

I envy you.

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January 2004
Swimming with dolphins

"Uner grou oer grou, onguing ree, uh omles uh imulun ommon ah ee…"

Ha ha!, thanks for making me laugh and snort my coffee out my nose!

Glad you liked my little part of the world down-under…

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I too let out a loud chuckle until I caught myself thinking "he might be serious".

Will add the movie to the "must watch" list.

Kudos also, Dunstan, for having one of the only sites offering…

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