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February 2005
I am a kitten

I feel the same way, Dunstan. Right now, too. I am trying to get this thing done, so I can spend more time on things I care about.

Hang in there, man!

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August 2004
28 years ago today

Happy Birthday, Dunstan!

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July 2004
Version 2

NIce job, Dunstan! This site keeps getting better and better.

I love the shadow separating the content and the side panel. The weather information is a very nice touch.

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April 2004
Old before its time

That sucks.

Hey, it's still newer than my Ti. Just pretend it's "newer" and you won't know the difference..

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November 2003

Thanks Dunstan! Kind words like yours inspire me to do better work. I was thinking about changing the page, but I think I will keep it the way it is for now! :)

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