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January 2005
Lotty and Dotty

So we have Scrap, Lotty and Dotty…who are the other 2?

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November 2004
Applying CSS to external services

I agree, services like this would be very nice to have. Folks like me with wimpy ISP’s could greatly enhance the power of their sites and yet maintain a consistent look and feel. Would be…

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September 2004
Link presentation and Fitts' Law

Thanks for posting this tip; I use the same approach on my site. It bugs the begeebers out of me when sites visually indicate a block around a link, but don't expand the link to use the entire…

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August 2004
28 years ago today

So that must be the strange, lurking sense of connection...another August 3rd birthday. I was 10 years prior to you, though...

Happy Birthday!

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