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November 2004
Audio tape to MP3

In the UK there is no fair-use rights. Hence you cant legally backup CDs, games, programmes etc, which I guess includes the "Ive bought a copy already so I dont need to buy another"
It sucks but I…

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October 2004
Lemur therapy

I'm sure you have to take what Dunstan says with a pinch of salt - I also know that therapy can be a great help yet (like you, I'd imagine) I found this entry hilarious. "Will he spazz out and try…

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July 2004
A weekend away at Sea Ranch

I love the picture of the deer, with the slightly faded, pastel-coloured background and the much brighter rust-red of the deer. Reading your site and seeing the photos always makes me want to pick…

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June 2004
Re-designing comment forms

Setting a cookie to see the new form...

I like the cartoon location/weather header by the way!

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April 2004
Trip 1: itinerary

*prods with a long stick with video camera ready..*

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February 2004
Filed under: Irony

Hope everyone who didn't get the irony still liked the accessible conversion... ;-)

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lol :)

Nice one, Dunstan.

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Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

Paul Sowden has posted a way to do this over at A List Apart:…

I think that works better than what I think you're saying. If you don't mind using links…

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January 2004
Adding in tabs, blogmarks and a blogroll

Wow! You've implemented it so well! It works perfectly on Opera :)

I'm really jealous now :)

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An ASP version of time_since

Could you possibly put some content inside the iframe for those of us who disable iframes (because they're mostly adverts :) )? Thanks.

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