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March 2005
Photoblog navigation woes

As someone who runs a photoblog this was an interesting read, even though I don't have Prev/Next links on my blog - something I only realised recently. When they are implemented though, I'll have a…

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April 2004
Tidying up

Welcome to the Mac. But forget the right click. Nice set up, you'll enjoy (and make the rest of us jealous).

Don't over look other software probably bundled with 17 inch PowerBook - "Graphic…

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Any details and advice, in sorting and cataloging such a large collection. Software preference? Methodology? Thanx.

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February 2004
Anna Riley, wish number one

Sort of related, one of the songs from the movie last night - Peter Salett - Heart of Mine - is very, very cool and has been stuck in my head all day with no complaints.

Excellent movie all…

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