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June 2004
At Safeway deli counter, part two

Exactly. I used to work for Ralphs, owned by Kroger which is the competition to Vons, owned by Safeway. Grocery store "secret shoppers" are actually customer service Nazis. The whole district had…

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May 2004
Trackback on business sites

I'm curious if by showing Trackback links, the negative publicity is heightened or intensified. It's not like it's difficult to find negative publicity about a company - take Verisign (please!).…

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March 2004
Flexible floats

I was confused for a moment when I set my preference for Chapters and, after the refresh, Collins was selected. Pretty minor, but it threw me off for a sec.

To see your Opera trick I tried it…

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Retro: Ordering food in America

beaver-milk LOL. That's great. I have had moose-milk before, but it has everything to do with icecream and alcohol, and nothing to do with milk.

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Putting your underwear on backwards: the Results

I have to agree. The drawings really do add another dimension. Very excellent

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight

Those are beautiful. Makes me inspired to find time to learn more about photography.

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