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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Wow, before vacation I blogged (… that I saw you, and was curious about your whereabouts.

I guess I won't be hearing more.

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January 2005
A short film of the puppies at 13-days old

Maybe you should add the puppies into the header, instead of sheep?

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By the way, on the Powerbook, was that the Dark Side of the Moon album cover over there on the side?

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This one's nice too. Are you using the songs legally though? I thought it was a 30 second limit for free?

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A short film of the puppies with their eyes open

Come on, Blink-182? :(...

Love the rest though.

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November 2004
A new job

Congratulations! I'm happy for you.

And just like everybody else, I'm quite curious as to what you're doing, and about the gf.

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Chris MacDonald

Well, I was more referring to the outline looking almost fakish. I know it's not, and it looks great, but ever so often I'll see a peace of work and think this. I don't know why :D

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Wow, the camera has Chris very focused. He almost seems out of place.

Very nice job as always.

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Applying CSS to external services

I noticed the exact same thing when viewing this, and thought a similar thought. However, I came up with a different method.

Couldn't they somehow use server-side includes to include a section…

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September 2004
SBC Park

The rss feed for this post is totally messed up, it has the wrong date, it should be the 15 rather than the 16, but nice picture! looks beautiful

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