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September 2004
A good clean fight

I've been there.

A couple weeks ago, at one point in one of my dreams I was brushing my teeth--woke up "mid-spit"--and apparently I did in reality, albeit more of a large drool/dribble (volume…

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San Mateo County Fair

that is the best post ever on the internet.

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August 2004
The Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop CS

Good god in the goose fat, that makes a huge difference. Thanks!

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Redesign explained: tag transformations

A template engine could have made the entire redesign process a lot easier. You wouldn't have had to go through and edit individual posts, just the templates.

Does your CMS offer templates? If…

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July 2004
Version 2


I love the new layout. It's very simplistic, but striking at the same time. The subtleties have really made this redesign standout. I was wondering, I haven't read the entire post…

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February 2004
Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

I acutally had to use the header function in ColdFusion to send my style sheets as text/css as an interim solution. We had a problem with the web server sending the wrong MIME type with the CSS…

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