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August 2004
Facts from Oliver Letwin


It is my understanding that all bureaucrats have brains.

It was a barbed quip, in response to Jeremy's comment above that our government could use a lobotomy, and clearly not meant to…

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"a lobotomy, maybe"
Bureaucracy by nature lacks the primary requirement for receiving a lobotomy.

Regarding America's gun-toting bureaucracy, since it seems that this has become a…

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Redesign explained: tag transformations

Thanks a lot Dunstan... You just keep making my to-do list get longer and longer with these great ideas! ;) Seriously, this is genius.

You might be able to make the <codeins /> output…

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Swallows and Frogs

Bullfrog? 'at's a funny name. I'd'a called it a Chuzzlewuzzer.

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