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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

It's sad to see you go, Dunstan. This site has truly been a great inspiration to me; plus, we all had fun watching your puppy videos.

Looks like you and The Girlfriend are doing well. Congrats…

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August 2004
Rubber ducks

I second the plea for a link. I got a Nikon D70 just a month and a half ago, getting my feet (more like my knees) wet in "advanced" digital photography. Nice duckies, BTW.

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July 2004
Barbequing with the rich and famous

Sometimes I really do hope you're kidding, Dunstan. The second tale was most worrying. ;)
You should write a book: *Across the Pond: We Ain't Got No Guns*

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June 2004
Transfer tickets

Perhaps yet another one of your "gay" encounters? Who knows. ;)

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Saucer of milk for table three

Wow. I thought the "Oh totally" was getting a tad suspiscious.

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A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

You're alive! The master lives! Hooray!
Dunstan, you seem to get into the oddest of situations...

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May 2004
The PHP code behind my archive page

rm, just out of curiosity, is there any reason why you've not posted in a week? (Perhaps Dunstan has finally jumped into the Pacific-- and gone with the dolphins.)

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Oooooh! Aaaaah! the master shares his secrets!
That's a great layout and organization on your arcihve page... I may implement a variation on my site once Dean does a few more things with…

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April 2004
The world’s largest unexploded bomb

If I lived one day at that farm, I'd get the hell outta there the next morning. I'd go mad.

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Old before its time

Poor you. Even though I'm a Mac hater, I still feel your pain.
Didn't a similar incident happen to Dan of SimpleBits?

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A pair for every day of the week

Urm, Dunstan, I've got bad news. This could be one of those crazy, rare cases when one can have too much resolution.…
Above is a link to a screenshot I…

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