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March 2004
Retro: Arizona poems (in jest)

And perhaps your definition of "Majority" is that of "stereotypical?"

Yup. It says Saturday. Maybe it's telling us all to not go to work tomorrow, to rebel! Headlines: WORLDWIDE WORK DILEMMA;…

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Flexible floats 3

Firebird: 2 rows
Opera: 1 row
Netscape: 1 row
It-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named: 3 rows

Looking great.

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Flexible floats 2

Imagine a world without Javascript...

Ok, too scary, let's go back to normal, shall we?


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Flexible floats

Ok, the grey strip has myteriously disappeared (on all browsers).
However, on Netscape 7.1 (what? you didn't know it still exists?) all the book cover images are on top of each other, as explained…

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Testing out with IE6/winXP, I don't see that. A few solutions: demand that Dunstan fixes everything, or damn Microsoft to hell and hug the penguin.

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Oooooooooh! Aaaaaaaah! I checked out the Reading page in IE6 and now the books are in rows of 3's! This must be the first time IE produces something that looks better!

However, the shadows…

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Hey, good thing you posted this. I might finally find a solution to get my photos page working! (in all browsers)

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Retro: Six generationas of baloney

lettuce {
ruffle: extreme;
fresh: none;
mold: slight;

pig trotter {
burn: slight;
fat: extreme;
juicy: normal;

waitress #tip {
amount: 160pc;

opinion .waitress {

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Yes, they could have been worried about the sandwich not being passed down...

Or perhaps the recipe is complex, involving a few pinches of saffron here, some basilica there, and a whole lot of…

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Retro: Ordering food in America

Thank god for America's happily amusing culture. I'm a picky eater, you see, and often customize my orders.

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