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March 2006
Frickin’ mouth ulcers

I have finally had success in getting TOTALLY rid of mouth ulcers, after suffering constantly for more than eight years.I had a gastroscopy, to check for heliobacter bug and this was negative(6…

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March 2005
Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

Actually, the whole "aspartame causes every known malady under the sun" debate is false... not to mention a bit tiring and unintelligent sounding. It's made up of components that are found in…

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October 2004
An ASP version of time_since

I am very excited to see that you have adapted this script to ASP. I have been looking for a script to do this instead of writing it myself. It will be extremely helpful to me. I write my baby's…

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August 2004
28 years ago today

Happy birthday Dunstan. I wish you happiness and health, and many days of joyous celebration.

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June 2004
Saucer of milk for table three

Irfandhy, San Francisco is the self-styled gay town of the USA. So, actually, a lot of gay/gay-friendly people DO migrate there. :)

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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

Tucson. Born and raised here. I've gone away to foreign lands, and I've come back. And I still ride the bus. It's a veritable rite of passage into this town.

Good work, and I hope you're…

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February 2004
Poppy and the corn field

I have the same problem with my cats...lots of lovely pictures of their backs as they wander right under the camera to rub against my legs. :)

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Re-designing comment forms

just testing....

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