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September 2004
A good clean fight

When we were first married my wife and I had a few occasions where one of us (accidentally of course) experienced an elbow to the head. Having someone else in the bed sometimes takes some getting…

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August 2004
Back in America

Good to see you back Dunstan! Good luck with finding that job you need. :)

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28 years ago today

Feliz cumpleanos!
Happy Birthday Dunstan! :)

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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations


Your site is so amazing. It's fun to come here and just explore and poke around. The expertise with code and the attention to detail is really special in comparison to most blogs…

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Redesign explained: time presentation

I see that this code is now a plugin available at the Wordpress Wiki. Thanks for sharing!

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Version 2

Sigh .... sigh .... sigh.

Beautiful job Dunstan. I just learned about your site but the more I've seen of the details, the more incredible it seems. Wow!

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