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October 2005
Redesign explained: time presentation

I know Dunstan has closed shop on this blog, so this isn't so much a feature request/suggestion as a comment to the people who still find and read the blog when thinking about great design.


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Bandwidth theft and flame-bait

There could be a half-step between registered and unmoderated that lessens the load on the moderator. Actually, this suggestion is more of a registration workflow alternative than anything…

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A visual guide to navigating blog comments

I love the comment system on this site!

Another distinction of this system over a threaded system is that inherently all comments should be about the initial post. A threaded system has a…

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September 2005
Dishwasher un-safe

(later still) Oh, I disagree David.

Dishwashers are like jigsaw puzzles. If you have to wash one tea cup or heaven forbid a lasagna dish, you must consider it a personal failure.

Cheaters may…

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August 2005
Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

To see older versions, try taking a ride on the wayback machine:*/http:…

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March 2005
World's first? Wimax for train commuters

VIA Rail between Toronto and Montreal has wireless Internet access. Couldn't comment on the relative technology or when they became available though...…

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