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May 2004
The making of a Hollywood car chase

I´m surprised that nobody has brought up the car scenes from the Taxi trilogy ;-) <grin>

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

Well, PTMac should come in handy, then...…

I have no experience with it (I´m a windows guy, heh), but from what I hear, I reckon it´s good.


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Dunstan, since it seems that just about every other "issue" has been commented on, let me recommend PTAssembler (or PTGui, a bit more user friendly, but with less options in the end, like the lack…

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February 2004
Filed under: Irony

Well, regardless of how you look at it, the efficiency of the British Railway System *is* legendary... and while it may be one of the most famous things about Great Britain, I don´t read anywhere…

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