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September 2004
Link presentation and Fitts' Law

"It’s not whoops-there-go-my-underpants surprising..."

Hehe...nice write-up, Dunstan.

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

So why wasn't Jeremy supporting the Irish team? Oh that's right, they were not even good enough to qualify for the tournament. 8o)

If I had known, Dunstan, I would have invited you to join me…

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

"It seems I have become the gay equivalent of Catnip."

Hehe...classic quote, Dunstan.

I must admit I have had similar experiences as a straight Englishman living in San Francisco, although…

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Photo manipulation

What's most interesting to me are the "Kung Foo Dunstan" and "A Pigeon In Paris" photos...

I nearly always make adjustments to my photos using Photoshop or equivalent, but it's usually just…

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight


Amazing photos. Out of interest, what camera do you use to get these great shots?


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