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November 2004
Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

Well in Opera/7.50 Linux it looks fine.

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

add 'where' wherever you like : ]

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Footware / footwear ?

Or come to that 'footwhere' - the state of not knowing one's feet are. : )

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March 2004
When I was…

Dunston should know better - trusting an en-US spellchecker

Haemorrhage ...

Campaign for English Spelling

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February 2004
Snow, at last

I thought it was berk with an 'e' : P

and fluorescent

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Pickled Peppers

'palettes' : ]

[ just as well I didn't put spelling : ) ]

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is that palates, or pallettes or pallets ?

pronunciation and punctuation pedant emeritus

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Poppies everywhere

Grammar Fascism : "Poppy's everywhere"

Poppy IS everywhere : P

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Firefox errors and Firebird extensions

UK mirror :…

note: newbies + Fx + TBE = trouble

I do without the bloat of TBE, TBP is quite adequate, plus TabWarning

and of course my own stuff : )

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Poppy and the deer

do dogs pick up 'sents' or scents ?

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Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

perhaps having a real name helps ?

P01 suggested :……

whereas I was authoratitive :…

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January 2004
A scientific weather garden

you don't use php to parse .css

you have a .php file with css declarations, and a header();



header('Content-type: text/css');


a {

body {

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