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July 2004
Barbequing with the rich and famous

... or alligators, even.

And we have emus rather than ostriches, too.

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Sergio - We have crocodiles down here, not aligators! :)

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May 2004
The last three days

Dude! Mental ...

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January 2004
Aaargh! My eyes!


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How I got involved in web development

I started back around 1994 when I discovered that you could see the source code to any page in (the very new) Mozilla. I think I was using Ed or something similar - it was on a uni's Sun machine…

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Eric Meyer ate my Robot

Dunstan wrote
> Sure they did it before with the
> Andes and that school football team

It was the rugby team, mate. The football team wouldn't have survived ...

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November 2003
A visual guide to navigating blog comments

Oh, yeah. The references:

[1] Code Project: An example of an article with some comments (shockingly broken in anything but IE), but you can see the threading:…

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I like it. Very much. And I can see how it has grown organically from where you where yesterday (and from before that too) which is cool.

But - I had the same thought as Matt: just thread it!…

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Allergy testing

I'm sure you know this, but I've been told that strees is a big cause of mouth ulcers. Maybe a spell in the city to calm your nerves?

Seriously though - I truely hope you find a cure - that has…

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October 2003
A higher frequency of excitement please

Ha ha ha!

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Damn you, Orchard. After the link in your email to here, I wasted the best part of an hour reading through it all instead of the OTHER THING I was supposed to do ...

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