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March 2005
Lotty and Dotty

I dunno, I was sort of reminded of the picture of John and Yoko, the one where he's naked and she's clothed, but of course the puppies have fur, so not really...Oh, never mind!!...

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February 2004
Missing socks

What's that you say? You've lost your stockings?
Good gracious! That's dreadful but not very shocking.
We can't have you roaming the streets with feet bare
(on second thought, maybe it will…

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October 2003
Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yo ho ho! I’m a pirate, can’t you tell.
Drinking rum all day, I think my life is swell.
Whenever I come near
People run, and scream in fear
It’s not the sight that’ll get you, it’s…

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