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October 2004
Skim-surfer on Stinson Beach

i really can do that, but it's been a while and i do fall more than i should. it's really fun, you should try it : )

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that is a giants hat. and she may be holding either some form of pipe or instrument ;)

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April 2004
Trip 1: itinerary

apparently you've never been to san francisco ;)
i'm sure you'll have a lovely trip. the weather up north a bit has become cold lately, but i think it'll move on and become sunny california soon.

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Old before its time

i can tell you that your 17inch is nothing to complain about!
i have the higher end 15inch, and it's so awesome that i could care less if a new pb just came out

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February 2004
Tell us everything! Well, not quite everything…

Osama (Usama) looks very distinguished with his new specs :D

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January 2004
On a slow safari to Dunstan-ville

any chance that you could create an alternate stylesheet for those who can't upgrade safari?

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