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Anyone out there work for the INS?

15th October 2004, late morning | Comments (0)

If I had applied for an H1B work visa, here in America, but had missed the application deadline by a number of hours (they only allow so many applications each year, and this year’s spots were filled in about 5 hours), would there be anyone out there who could help me get my application into the system?

Any readers work for the INS? Any readers’ spouses or brothers-in-law? Anyone?

I have the job offer.
I have the qualifications.
I’m all set.
I just need to get the application into the ‘for consideration’ pile, or I have to cancel all my plans and wait another year before I can move out here.

The Girlfriend would not be happy.

Email me if you can help in any way.

Thanks very much — Dunstan

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