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October 2004
Die photos, die!

Wow, many people think the dogs are cute...I don't!!!

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Skim-surfer on Stinson Beach

Hmm, that is what I thought. Well done.

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This is nice!

Has this been modified after it has been shot? Or was the photo just like this?

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Lemur therapy

"Josh, this is Dunstan, he’s a web developer from Engerland. Dunstan, this is Josh, he’s a little messed up in the brain department and cries every time he sees the colour mauve, but it’s…

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Photoblog navigation woes

Example C: 1
Example A: 2
Example B: 3

This is the ranking I would prefer.

The links which Phil Dokas puts up shows images which are the same size. If you have images which aren't always…

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Baseball batter at Oakland Coliseum

Pretty good picture. Looking forward to the tutorial.

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