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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post


Thanks for the great inspiration over the past year of so, you really helped prove standards based design and development could be cool :p

Hope all is well with apple and look…

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February 2005
World's first? Wimax for train commuters

I'm heading up to Oxford (Via the Big Smoke) on Saturday. I shall wip out the powerbook and try and add a reply to this post.

Should be good for the trial period and I wonder if they will have…

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October 2004

I think it is a breadstick...

Do you get nervous taking photos of other peoples kids? Or do you ask permission first?

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Photoblog navigation woes

This is very interesting to me as I will be creating a website for photographers for my final project in my degree.

I often find this sort of problem very annoying, and moving the mouse if…

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July 2004
Redesign explained: time presentation

I have been a big fan of this, and on my site I have a greeting which changes with the time of day.
(Mostly inspired by answering the phones on my placement job :'( )

However the biggest…

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Transfer tickets

For starters:

It's not the L train; it's not a train at all, it's a street car. Known as the L Taravel. If you got a driver that spoke to you when you asked for a transfer ticket, you were…

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