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March 2004
Putting your underwear on backwards

I once put a condom on backwards...

... and went.

(many, MANY appolgies, my therapist tells me its good to get it out of my system :-D)

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February 2004
Re-designing comment forms

When I read through your description Dunstan, I wasn't sold... until I got the bottom of the page ready to type in my comment.

As I have previously commented here, the order of the fields made…

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Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

As promised (threatened? lol) here's my article on Server Side CSS Sniffing: href='…

Comments and suggestions always welcome.

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Good point, well made Levin... but I suspect the vast majority of people who would save a local copy using one browser would use the same browser to view it again later.

I supose a work around…

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The real benifit to generating dynamic CSS is you can use server side browser sniffing ($_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"]) to squirt clean CSS to standards compliant browsers and a seperate one to make…

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