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February 2005
I am a kitten

Heh, I'd LOVE to have just one thing "compressing" me. I WISH I could focus on one joyless project at a time.

As it is, I feel like I've got about a dozen on any given day, with more cropping…

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October 2004
Skim-surfer on Stinson Beach

Yeesh, the last time I tried to do that, I hit the sand so hard I almost broke my tailbone... Oddly enough, I haven't felt terribly inclined to try again since then. I'll stick to jumping out of…

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Lemur therapy

"If it weren't for my horse..."

Very Lewis Black-esque.

Now, to prevent aneurysms, I will frequently ask people what they're talking about:

Me: "Sorry to interrupt, but did you just say…

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Photoblog navigation woes

I like example 3 the best, mainly because it doesn't alter the images, and the links don't move. However, I'll go you one better than proposing a different way of doing it... I've already written…

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August 2004
Swallows and Frogs

Oh, very nice. The frog reminds me of some pictures I took last month:…

On a side note, Dunstan, since comments that you author come up as '#0', it's a…

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July 2004
Redesign explained: time presentation

...But then you'd be way too tempted to post something on a rainy night just because the time would say "a dark and stormy night" :P

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Ever the altruist, eh Dunstan?

Nice writeup. I hadn't even noticed the human-friendly post times yet, but that's a great idea.

I'm going to stop reading your blog one of these days,…

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A weekend away at Sea Ranch

I really dig the B&W shot of the starfish. I've been shooting quite a bit of black and white lately (poke around in my site's gallery if you're interested), I really like the mood that it evokes. …

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